war wounds and battle scars…

so someone pointed out to me this morning that i have a tendency to be colorful…
sometimes it’s the garb, or the car, the project, whatever…

and sometimes, it’s the bruises, scrapes, and other miscellaneous damage…

so, without further ado, i present to you a gallery of “not dead yet…”

top to bottom, this happened yesterday…
never occurred to me i would need my safety glasses to sweep a floor, but i slipped and fell, and shoved a broom handle into my left eye socket. :/


it only hurts when i blink…
or look at things.
or, well, all the time. not recommended. 🙂


that lump is about the size of a grape :/

anyway, so the other ouch i’m currently annoyed at (it’s healing very slowly due to it’s location, and how it was done…)

this lovely bit:


was done with an 8″ angle grinder…


it’s been a week i think, and this is what it looks like today…


the problem with it is that the scab doesn’t flex and the arm does, so it keeps coming detached, and it’s big, so it’s healing from the sides and ends moreso than the bottom.

so that brings us to my legs.

this set here…


was kinda confusing…


cause it’s high up on the back of my right thigh, and it’s huge, deep, hurts, and i have no idea how i got it… 🙂

this one here:


was the result of a bit of miscommunication between myself…


and the object i was standing on, while fixing a dryer vent…
express ride out of the attic for the big bruise…

here’s to hoping i have an uneventful day…
(i’m going out to finish my laundry room… 🙂

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